Sketching my wife…

Sketched with Dili flex fountain pen on my NUDE journal book

Sketching my wife while she was texting her friends… I decided to abandon my desk and sketch in the bed… while watching Kungfu Panda on TV.…

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There was a time i love going to the buffet just because I could taste out different kind of food all at the same time. After a while being satiated, everything tasted almost the same. We stopped going to buffet …

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Daub Brushes for Clip Studio Paint Ex/Pro

Sometimes finding brushes for your Digital Painting Apps is like finding gold. However, there is no need to dig deep because at this time and age, resources are everywhere on the Internet. One of them is “Daub Brushes” – a …

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End of the year reflection – goodbye 2020


WHO declared the coronavirus a worldwide pandemic on 11 Mar 2020 and sent the world into a frenzy, after the frenzy has escalated for a while. This sketch was done on 05 Mar 2020, roughly a week before the declaration …

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Collecting Cardboard as a form of exercise

cardboard2bcollector-8188313 I know it wasn’t intentional but Tan Chuan Jin’s comments on the elderlies collecting cardboard to make a living has drawn flak from many. According to a website, “many of whom have criticised him for being out-of-touch and putting a …

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Elder Sketcherman Procreate Customised Brush

Georg, an amazing Procreate brush creator, and designer at “Gde Trafic?”, has create a pencil brush that is named after a friend of mine, Robsketcherman. The brush is called Elder Sketcherman, that I have just began to test. Thanks …

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Sketching Vintage Cars

The sketchers were invited by Mike at BCG to sketch at the Motoring Heritage Day 2013 held at the former Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. The turnout was great. Lotsa nice vintage cars and vehicles that I have not see before, …

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Plein Air Easel from a China Online Store

Plein Air Easel Delivered & Assembled

I think I made an order for this product after seeing it on probably a month ago. I forgot all about it and left it as it is, until just a week ago …

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INKtober 2016 (Continued) Pentel Brush Pen and Ackerman Pump Pen with G-Nib.

Tony Chua (our USK SG Sketching Mascot)

The annual Inktober 2016 social network drawing event to encourage everyone and anyone to try commencing a drawing project in ink and finishing it with a daily inked drawing done has ended about …

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Drawing people from images

Parka took some nice pictures of the sketchers who participated in a sketchwalk held at Tiong Bahru during mid July. I selected some to draw with subtle exaggeration to make them look less realistic and more cartoony.




😛 …

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