Monthly:May 2021

Spotted!! National Day Sketching!

Someone found my blog by accident and commented on my Flickr site where I posted the sketches. This someone is a photographer that very day waiting at the same spot along the waterfront at One Fullerton. I was sketching and …

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Drawing with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

My cat, Tibby

To draw on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil is fun. The technology finally gels with the hand of an artist. No more glitch, no more tearing your hair trying to pair something together; or getting …

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Procreate Pocket: Mobile Digital Art on the go with iPhone 5 Plus

Procreate Pocket
Effects added in Photoshop

Drawing digitally on the go has been made very easy and accessible with APPS like Procreate, Sketchbook Pro and etc. There are so many to choose from, but one stands out to be my …

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Cleaning my Parallel Pen

penparts-5701780 Parts of a Parallel Pen The Parallel pen is an ingenious invention. 2 pieces of steel plates placed parallel to each other to make up the nib so ink flows differently as compared to a regular fountain pen. Though the …

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Traditional Medium versus Digital Medium

Watercolour (traditional) medium versus iPad Pro Digital Sketching


Objectively it is not difficult to compare. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Both mediums show some similarities and of course many more differences. Some may like one and dislike the …

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Watercolor Paintings of Peranakan Shophouses

I have been painting the shophouses in watercolour since about slightly more than a year ago, inspired by fellow painters like Woon Lam and Marvin Chew. I am a new member of the Singapore Watercolor Society in around the end …

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Dong Kingman – a legendary watercolor painter.

Finally this arrived at my doorstep! Don Kingman is one of my favorite watercolor painters since I was very very young. I was looking at the library for his books but found none. I was only 14 when I read …

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Art School Series: Sketches of Students at Work

 Students paying attention to their work are the best subjects to draw.
working_sm-7105609 artschool-collective_sm-8745261 day_2-5879994

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Watercolor en Plein Air: Blair Road

Painting outdoors is not a joking matter. In a tropical country like Singapore, not only do we have to battle with your subject and painting struggles, we have to battle with the climate. Fortunately the month of November saw the …

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Drawing my own caricature

Over the course of art history, comics and political cartoons, artists depict themselves in paintings, drawings and comics. Painting a self portrait is like making a self evaluation. I draw my own caricature simply to entertain myself, and to freely …

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