Monthly:May 2021

Sketching & Painting the West Coast

The West Coast of Singapore, like the East Coast was created out of reclaimed land back in the 70s. However unlike the East Coast, the West Coast remains predominantly an industrial area, and quite sparsely populated with residences. A local …

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Portrait painting of Storm Trooper & a cloud study



Acylics on canvas board

And a cloud study inspired from the view of my studio’s window.


Acrylic paint on canvas.
16″ X 20″ (not mounted)

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Testing Hero 9018

From a friend’s (Drewscape) recommendation, I bought a Hero 9018 fountain pen to try too since there was a rave about it. It is only costing not more than S$11 including shipping charges. Before I started filling it with ink, …

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Converting Photo Image to Manga (Line) Art

A recent comic book project has led me to do some research on how some manga (comics) artists both in Japan and America created the backgrounds for their comic book. At the same time, a friend (James Tan) showed me …

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Cat Mob at formal Big Splash Facility (East Coast)

jan2b20152bcat2bmob-3384003 The event was organised by “Adopt” and AVA to help promote adoption of pets and creating an awareness of kindness to animals too. But the highlight was having a Singapore Guinness Record of a gathering of people with painted cat …

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Sketching People with an iPad Pro: Capturing Candid Moments


Capturing candid moments with an iPad Pro – I love sketching candid moments of people eating and chatting in restaurants and food courts, sometimes over hearing their conversation, not intentionally because most people speak out loud as if they intended …

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Review: Strathmore Visual Journal – Watercolor 300GSM

image02-6758960 I tried the 9” X 12” watercolor journal book, with paper weighing 140lb (300GSM), and is acid free. The book is spiral bound and the sheets, a total of 22 sheets, are sandwiched between 2 very thick cardboard, if put …

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North coast of Singapore – Punggol Point

punggol2bjetty2b2011-7364225 I only got to know about Punggol Jetty and Punggol Beach when I was Googling “beaches in Singapore”. Before that, all I knew were East Coast Park beach, West Coast Park and Labrador Park. When I heard about Punggol beach, …

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Sketches of people done on the iPad Pro & Procreate

A selection of sketches done on the iPad Pro with Procreate. 


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Merging Digital and Traditional Mediums in Sketching

Procreate on iPad Pro 12.9″

There are moments when you wish your pen or brush does not run out of ink or skip a stroke when you are in that zone of no return. When that really happens, everything screeches …

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