Monthly:June 2021

Parallel Pens: Using and maintaining them.

I have three sizes, 1.5mm, 3.8mm and 6mm. I like how the pens are colour coded according to their nib sizes. It makes it easier to remember. The construct of the three pens are the same. You draw with the …

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New Fountain Pen- Duke Confucius Fountain Pen

Recently I acquired a relatively expensive pen that cost SGD88 inclusive shipping.It’s called the Duke Confucius fountain pen. I will be writing a more detailed review and info in another follow up blog post. For now, here’s a preview of …

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Recent Watercolor Paintings…

Recent explorations into watercolor has been satisfactory. These paintings were mostly done plein air and brought back to the studio for some touchups. I love the idea of painting on location because you are engaged with the environment and the …

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sketches and paintings….

542247_10151571038910951_183043399_n-9700151The sea always has a calming effect on me and my wife. We love to sit by the sea to think and ponder about life and talk about problems. Hearing the waves crashing gently on the shore seems to be …

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Monkey business in watercolour – painting Hamadryas Baboon at the zoo

Painting Hamadryas Baboons at the zoo… it was a lot of fun watching them but painting them life is a killer. The enclosure is a wonder but the viewing area which has a cavern life design for immersive experience is …

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Happy New Year 2021!

#2021 #2020 was so unexpected. But we are prepared now, though there was a price to pay. Did we grow wiser after all that ordeal? For once, we long to go back to our old ways as soon as possible, …

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6 May Update – lunch sketch and wood carving

11165264_1582920115313053_6866349867327065336_n-4172746 Andrew and the designer were going to the printer to make a round of press check for Vol 2 of USK Singapore art book, “Memories and Places”, James and I tagged along. This was lunch. Zaihan was with us too. …

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Kampong Glam(orous) – Malay Village at her best


When a friend visits from overseas, I would always be happy to bring him or her to Kampong Glam. So this friend of mine asked whether the “Glam” in Kampong Glam is the short for glamourous. I blankly said I …

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Dunlop Street, Little India, Singapore | Urbansketchers | Don Low

Junction of Clive and Dunlop Street

Looking for a place that is truly authentic culturally, vibrant and colourful? This is one place you can find them all packed in one small community. I like this particular corner between Clive and …

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