Monthly:June 2021

Acquaintance with Tanglin Halt…

I have been here with some of my sketcher friends on a couple of occasions, but have not really explored the location as much as I wanted to. Tanglin Halt is quite an old estate, established in the 70s and …

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Noodler's Ink – Red Black

First complete sketch I used Red Black on. Love the result. The sketch looks pretty energetic with the red. I am also thinking of mixing black and red black together to get a more balanced color for sketching. I am …

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Urbansketchers | Sketching & Drawing People at Cafes & on public transport

I have not posted here for so long. The last post was dated 22 Feb. Okay still not so bad. But it’s good to be back now and then, and henceforth, here are some recent sketches I made at different …

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Sketching Singapore's Shophouses

Shophouses are my favourite sketching and painting subjects because they are Singapore’s very own historical heritage. Preservation of shophouses has been carried out since the 80s but a large portion of these shophouses were demolished due to safety factor and
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Commissioned Work: Spring Illustrations (on Bridge)

Illustrations for Spring surfaced in 2 issues of “Bridge”, a RC newsletter that was delivered to my post. …

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Cloud Study II

cloud2bstudy2biia-sm-7856183 I am always intrigued by clouds, and would be so interested to find out the names from a textbook or something. I took a picture from my car as I was traveling on a highway. Since there was a slow …

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Sketching Setup: Tools and Materials

img_7500-3108547 Starting top left and going down from left to right and right to left… 1. Masking tape to hold the paper down to the board and also making a white frame around the painting. 2. Coloured pencils from Blicks. I …

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Toa Payoh Food Market

The month end urban sketching trip brought us to Toa Payoh. The starting points began on each North and South end of the estate and ended on the west end at Lorong 1. I was late (not always) and started …

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Fan Art: Hani from EXID – Procreate Digital Painting

There are currently 2 apps I have been using for digital painting. On the desktop I have been trying out CLIP STUDIO PAINT to replace Photoshop as the latter would take at least 8-10 mins to get fired up on …

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Cafe Sketching because it was raining

It’s good to sketch together with a couple of friends, in this way, you get to share tools, mediums and materials. And if you like what you have tried, you can purchase it for yourself. …

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