6 May Update – lunch sketch and wood carving

11165264_1582920115313053_6866349867327065336_n-4172746 Andrew and the designer were going to the printer to make a round of press check for Vol 2 of USK Singapore art book, “Memories and Places”, James and I tagged along. This was lunch. Zaihan was with us too. We drove to a nearby zichar place where they specialise in Penang food. All of us tried the Penang Char Kueh Teow which was really delicious. 11150367_1582890398649358_5128036818847844816_n-6096364
Some progress made to the wood carving project. Its taking ms ages to make minor progress but so far I am quite satisfied with how this is going. Wood carving is tedious and strenuous. James had blisters on his palm after 2 hours of knocking and hacking and chiseling non-stop. This is just week 2 from when we started chiseling. By the way, we both bought us a Swiss made chisel that cost SGD40 each. We have to make this work anyhow!

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