Clouds Painting Tests I (Painting Anime Clouds) with Procreate

I have been using Procreate to paint more now. This time I am attempting to paint clouds in the Manga/ Anime style. Following some tuts found from the Internet, I tried painting some generic clouds and then duplicating some to create a variety. Here’s the result: untitled_artwork2b2-7149999 The numbers indicate the sequence of attempts. The last and the most satisfactory attempt is placed on the top right hand corner, and duplicated on the left with some transformation. The gradient of the background is done with an airbrush tool modified to the largest size and taking advantage of the pressure sensitivity of the Apple pencil to create a smooth transition. I use the Smudge tool to blend the edges of the clouds to make them look natural. It would be wise to paint hard edges first and then blend in an outward motion after. To make the clouds look natural, one tip is to design the shapes to be asymmetrical. Have different transparency on all the clouds and edge transitions too. Every cloud has to look different. That’s the challenging part. My next test would be to paint different types of cloud and then eventually create a cloud scene in different time of day.

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