Combat Kong in Photoshop | Digital Character Drawing

combat_kong_sm-3666859 Obviously it all started with watching a trailer of a coming new release of Planets of the Apes in which genetically enhanced apes are battling men with strength and wits. I saw in the trailer, a large gorilla, standing on both of his feet, helping to load an artillery gun, which gave me the idea of one wielding a machine gun. So here it is. combat_kong_complete_sm-2979705 combat_kong_complete_pcsm-2794770 I really enjoyed this one, especially when I was drawing on my Cintiq. So this can be a burnt-in for my newly acquired gadget that I am pretty please about. It gets tiring to draw on a raised platform at first but I will get used to it. I placed a cushion below my elbow so I could rest my arm when I draw. That works very well. The screen doesn’t heat up too much though it gets just a little warm but not uncomfortable. I used the canvas rotation to turn the canvas at an angle more for comfort. I could turn the Cintiq too if I wanted. #inking in #photoshop

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