Comics Inking with Corel Painter

I have been looking for settings that artists use in Corel Painter so that I can have a good reference to what kinds of brushes and brush settings they use to achieve a desirable inking result. Here’s one that do not use the scratchboard tool but modified the Oil Round to get a good inking brush. Comparing it with the setting used in Scratchboard Pen Tool, the Dab type was changed to Circular rather than Rendered. However I find that the Rendered Dab Type gets better anti-alias on an inked line. Anyway this is not very critical as most artwork are created larger than the print size. As long as it is created at least 1.5 times larger than the print size, the line would appear well on print.

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Here’s a sample of an inking practice I performed in Corel Painter.

img_5099-9394581 img_3162-3231948

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