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Junction of Clive and Dunlop Street

Looking for a place that is truly authentic culturally, vibrant and colourful? This is one place you can find them all packed in one small community. I like this particular corner between Clive and Dunlop Street because of the fruit and vegetable stalls that are housed within shophouses, providing a special flavour to the location. Each time I visit places like this, I am equally saddened because there is no tell when the government is going to clean it up. The other day I saw a particular corner shophouse along Upper Weld Street boarded up I thought it was going to be demolished. I was relieved to see it still standing and serving coconut drinks all over again. But I failed to sketch it the other day with Rob due to the heat. Good thing he did because the owner of the kopitiam treated him coconut drink while I have to pay for mine. 1f603-7268025:

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