Guillermo Mordillo – digital painting tribute of the legend's caricature

I have been reading his comics since when I was a kid, and then collected some of his books when I got older. Sometimes in newspaper and sometimes in magazines. I never know how he looked like until the age of internet and the flooding of online information. It is also easy to google for his comics now, until then I did not know how much I have missed out on his vast production.

“Guillermo Mordillo, known simply as Mordillo, was an Argentine creator of cartoons and animations and was one of the most widely published cartoonists of the 1970s. He is most famous for his humorous, colorful, surreal and wordless depictions of love, sports, and long-necked animals.” – I only found out of his passing recently, a week late. So I decided to make a caricature tribute of him, with his photo attached to the drawing for comparison. I found other tribute of him too. This one was done by Naji Benaji from Cartoon Movement. 3f1678df06c8aaabbf074cbcadb4e56b-3569850

Mordillo is simply a genius. It is sad to see him go. RIP!

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