Inktober 2017 – dip pens and brush pens

Its time for a new post in October… as you all know, October is #inktober as well, a world wide social network thing that Jake Parker has started a couple of years ago. I did the inktober in 2015, and then in 2016 and now this is the third installation. The objective of this program is to encourage artists and non-artists around the world to take up inking traditionally, ink; brush or pen on paper. For me, it is back to drawing on the sketchbook. #Inktober2017 has been quite a stir. I don’t see a lot of drawings on Facebook for this year but I do believe there are many artists out there make inktober a reality. FB may have blocked the feeds but I am not stopping there. Here’s my first inktober entry.


I have always enjoyed drawing TREX and all sorts of dinosaurs, so why not use this as a theme, something that I have done so for the past inktobers. For this drawing, it was done with a G-Nib from Tachikawa, a brand of g-nibs that offer smooth gliding action on any kind of paper. Using this as a warm up as well.


This was done on 8 Oct, it should be entry #8. I used a brush pen for this one and painted it in Photoshop after scanning it. Quite an enjoyable process. I save the BW line art and printed on copy paper so I could add tones with my touch markers later. Both drawings have different focus. For the first I got carried away and tried too hard on the textures. It was pretty tiring at the end. For the second, I managed the details and textures so they become a design element that direct a viewer’s attention towards the head and eyes. The more graphical smoke in the BG provide some textural focus to the actual subject matter.

More postings on Inktober coming soon.

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