Kampong Glam(orous) – Malay Village at her best


When a friend visits from overseas, I would always be happy to bring him or her to Kampong Glam. So this friend of mine asked whether the “Glam” in Kampong Glam is the short for glamourous. I blankly said I am not sure or is it? I heard some said the glam in the name of the location does mean glam as in glamourous. It makes sense because this place has a great blend of history, and culture.¬†

Out of curiosity, I searched an info site and it says, the name was originally spelled “Campong Gelam” (NLB e-info) and was named so in 1830. In the late 80s, the area was gazetted to be a conservation zone. Another site says Kampong Glam was known as a village for its “gelam” tree (aka Paperbark tree) that grew in the area and was used for building ships. So there you have it. I wished I have known all these when I was asked this question.¬†

Anyway it was a wonderful afternoon spent here sketching with a dear friend of mine, sipping kopitiam teh tarik and chatting at the same time. I wish I could do this everyday.

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