sketches and paintings….

542247_10151571038910951_183043399_n-9700151The sea always has a calming effect on me and my wife. We love to sit by the sea to think and ponder about life and talk about problems. Hearing the waves crashing gently on the shore seems to be able to clear your mind off things and every little worry would soon dissipate. The sketch shows 2 Dutch families spending some fun time waddling into the water, and letting their babies walked on the sandy beach. I wouldn’t see local letting their babies walk on the “dirty” and “dangerous” sand.

1089985_10151569152800951_496181002_o-1024x768-7020785Simply chilling at TCC Bugis Junction, and enjoying a nice glass of ice peach tea to cool down from the day.

1175146_10151572970155951_1047168362_n-8566830Painting the evening sea. The horizon disappears as the sky and the sea fused. It was an amazing sight.

1263756_10151569370005951_1090715068_o-1024x551-7075972Populating a sketch with people and shoppers, one at a time. This is Vivo City.

1265792_10151567825275951_1591543953_o-1024x867-3183671The sketchers hung out at Commonwealth hawker center after visiting the Queenstown exhibition. As usual we ate and sketched after.

1353161_10151564124985951_1249224450_o-768x1024-5149920Painting Ellison Building in oil on canvas.



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