Sketches of people in cafes and coffeeshops.

1207152btcc-5966710 Done with brush pen and colourised in Photoshop. ryul-1116975 Caricatures of 2 artists I met and befriended during Caricature SG Mini-con held at Esplanade. It was a 4 day event but I only managed to be with them for just the first day. 11046273_1609968709274860_4289973443349169115_o-4051517 I like to take my time having breakfast when it comes to a weekend because I would spend a bit more time sketching over coffee. This is the coffeeshop we have breakfast in every morning. I captured the entire view from the table we sat in. I could see the road and the foliage in from of Hotel 81. The crowd was the usual. Not a single table unoccupied. 11709783_1609814459290285_937557623907684621_n-6923835 This was done over dinner just before the dishes we ordered arrived. I notice this uncle was very attentive to his phone, and started to wonder what he is looking at so intently. Maybe lottery results or maybe some videos or pictures of his loved ones. There was once I saw some uncles looking at some pornography but I didn’t want to think along that line. 10408528_1609601432644921_8847799316631549365_n-8752754 Another breakfast sketch. Not a weekend though but I managed to squeeze some time to draw before sending my wife to work.

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