SNOWBALL (in Turkey)

It started snowing (quite heavily) one day during our trip to Turkey. On the day 7 of our journey around Turkey, we woke up in the morning to see thick white snow blanketing almost everything. Trees and roads weren’t spared. So instead of getting our breakfast, we rushed out (properly protected from the cold of course) to take pictures. I always wanted to try making and throwing a snowball so I did. Its like making ice-kacang without the sugary parts. Not my first time to see snow but my first to experience making a snow ball since in other experiences its mainly slush instead. Throwing snowballs at people was the funnest. Girls would squeal and men would just brave the impact. Just the best part of the Turkey experience!! Here’s a comic to demonstrate the unforgettable memory. skk2b2-8382586

Taken at Pigeon Valley (Guvercinlik) – Cappadocia

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