The “Nothing” Box

self-sitting-9870544 Every man has a nothing box, a friend told me once. I laughed at what he said, because I understood him completely. What is a nothing box? Well, only applicable to men, we have something that women do not have in our brains. Men do things one at a time, so we have individual box for everything. We have a box for driving; a box for watching movies, a box for work and so forth. But we have a nothing box for doing nothing. As much as possible, the boxes stay as individual boxes, for they do not mix. They are separated for good reasons. ┬áSo the nothing box also stays on its own. When men open their nothing box, never tell them that they are good for nothing. The nothing box is sacred. In fact we are doing something by doing nothing…. something that women cannot understand. So the nothing box.

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