The old is going, the new is coming

It is time to post something again, say maybe the last post of the year. I have been particularly busy for the last 2-3 months, to the point I do not have much time to sketch. Well I do but I chose to laze around for a bit.Well, anyway, we were doing some Christmas shopping about 2 weeks ago at Parkway Parade when I stumbled upon a poster on the walls of a Sony outlet. It caught my sight because it looked very familiar. Then I realized it was created and designed from a visual that I did for an ad agency not long ago. A paid job of course. It was a day’s job in fact, then I forgot about it. Even when I got paid I did not see what was the outcome of the visual, until that day at the shopping mall. I was certainly delighted to see the visual come to “life” with more whistles and bells added, and a better looking Kong! I took a picture of so I could put it together with my visual… anyway art direction of the poster wasn’t from me, just to clarify.

Sony's visual

Please click to see bigger version if you are interested.

Sony's visual

If you are lazy to click, here’s a clearer version my what I did for the agency. The layout wasn’t done by me though.

Sony's visual

Anyway, have a great year ahead.

Happy new year 2011… I am so excited!! 😀

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