Welcome to the dark side….

After painting the portrait of a Storm Trooper, I wanted to do one for Darth Vader too. This was done with a ref picture I found on the internet (I hope there isn’t a copyright infringement). It took me sometime to make a pencil drawing on the canvas, paying attention to the proportion and the angles. Next I sealed the pencil drawing in with a matt acrylic medium and waited several days before I started painting. That’s because I was preoccupied with some other things that needed to be done. Here’s the final painting which took me a couple of hours to finish.

“The Dark Side”Acrylics on Canvas

40cm X 50cm

When this was posted on Facebook, someone commented that this was a Father’s Day painting. It could be, and I thought it was a funny and innovative idea, since we all knew what happened in the movie. My painting process is shown below. It was until I started to paint this, I didn’t know I was pretty unfamiliar with the structure of the design. So I ended up too careful with the painting. I wanted to be a lot more looser in my treatment. Nevertheless it was fun trying to match the values. img_7198-5439357 img_7205-5639289

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